Temp Home Logged In Video Room Evaluations “Spy On The Wall”

DIY Wall Light Switch Face Plate HD Color Camera

Problem:  Family security at an affordable price. Having to pay for an expensive security service.

Solution:  DIY easy to install replacement wall switch face plate camera and motion sensor wirelessly linked to home network and cell phone app. This device is powered by the 110 volts in the switch box no battery’s to worry about. Simply remove the old switch plate and install the camera switch plate no wiring or special skills or tools. Contact built into the camera face plate picks up power from the light switch terminal and the switch continues to operate as normal. Face plates come in single, double and triple switch configurations.  When camera senses motion or can be programmed to start video the data is transmitted to the home computer and can be setup to transfer that data automatically to the cloud or any other external storage device of your choosing. Will also alert you by cell phone that your camera has been activated and even transmit live video. So you can call 911 and alert the authorities of what is going on in your home from anywhere.

Additional options for wireless door and window trip switches can be purchased. These devices would activate the camera or cameras that you have installed in your home because someone breached a locked door or window.

Example of design to pick up power (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCrOudskjk4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbkiNT9JyHA

 Home owner removes the face plate and installs the Security Camera Face Plate. Clip design picks up power from terminal on side of switch. No internal wiring needed.

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