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2014-06-09 19:50:36 -07:00
Jeremy Mackay
Have you ever tried looking for all your camping needs in on stop but do not know what you will need or have you ever searched and search for all your camping gear in storage to find it is not all in one place? I have worked in a recreational area and the biggest and most asked questions is what do I need to camp and have a good time.. With our fast past life saving time and hassle means a lot to people who have little time to track down what they need on something they only do a few times a year.
First time campers or vacationers Head up the road to do a little traveling but dont know anything about camping.. or stop placing all your weekend camping trip needs all over the house and storage Solves time and hassle
Hard 4'x4' storage box that folds into a camp table that you can buy with camp chairs,grill,tent,two sleeping bags air mattress or sleeping mat,marshmallow sticks,lantern, and flashlights in side of it. All your basic needs in one.. one purchase no need to shop and ask what you will need, or buy the box buy its self and put your own equipment in it.. will also have nice hooks to hang from rafters. or hang garbage bags, vacationers things from while camping..It can be sold to new campers as a package deal or anyone who wants to save time and space for there all ready camping needs.. if done right what camper would not want something like this..
2014-06-01 14:20:22 -07:00
Jay Cho
Auto Blackbox
Please, google "Auto or car blackbox". This is very popular in South Korea" Over 50% of vehicle installed this device. And question is why not in USA? Evey issue and matter of vehicle is all same to any countries. But less than 2% of American people knows this device.

I know the answer on that question. To be marketable, that device should be modified for USA environment.

Auto & Truck
Invention will solve the problem that makes auto black box unmarketable in USA.
Just contact me to make an appointment to explain about it. I am not perfect at English and no time to write all about it.

Thank you.

2014-05-30 13:39:16 -07:00
Kenny L Crandell
Baby Go
If you ever had to carry a car seat with a child in it, you would probably agree that it can be quite an awkward carry. What if I told you that I had a quick solution to the problem and that this would allow you and your wife to carry your child without all the strain?

I introduce to you Baby Go! This will allow you to attach it to the handle of the carrier and let your arm rest in a more comfortable position. Every year their is about 134 million births world wide and there are a lot of parents out there with the same frustrations of the awkward carry.

With the cost of fabrication of this product to be very minimal and with the high mark up ability in the baby industry, the reward that will come from a product like this will be great!
This invention solves the problem of having to carry your child in a car seat in an awkward manner. With your arm in a forward facing position it puts a lot of strain on the arm and back. It is very uncomfortable. With Baby Go it will allow your arm to carry the seat in a more comfortable position.

My wife spent countless hours finding the perfect car seat with excellent safety ratings and it didn't have the carry Z handle. So what is one to do? Compromise safety for comfort of the Z handle? Nope! Just buy Baby Go and you get best of both worlds!
Baby Go will allow you to quickly clip, bolt or attach it to the handle of the car seat. This will allow parents to carry the car seat in a more comfortable position without feeling like you are doing a curl workout everywhere you go.

There is also the option to create a bar that connects to the handle and reaches closer to the parent so that their arm is closer to their body. This would allow the weight to be better handled since it's closer to core of body.
2014-05-29 19:24:52 -07:00
Pop Valve
It has been my experience that whenever we have the family or guest over and buy the 2 liter bottles of pop, we usually wind up with noncarbonated, flat pop after a short time if the bottle is not capped tightly after each use. Then, every time you uncap the bottle it loses a lot of its carbonation even if it was sealed tightly. Little kids can't get a drink with out help and never get the lid on tightly. My idea would keep the carbonation in the bottle until it was all gone with no fuss and could be used by even little kids without losing any more carbonation. The lid is removed once and only once at the begining and the carbonation pressure quickly builds and last throughout the party.
My invention solves the problem on carbonation lose. It is put on the bottle at the beginning of a party or dinner, whatever is going on and retains all the carbonation from there on. No more flat drinks after the bottle is half empty.
The pop valve will solve this problem. It works like the valve on a 5 gallon cooler. It retains all the carbonation because the pop is only open to the air one time. It can be removed when the bottle is empty or the party is over, washed and used on the next 2 liter bottle.

I know this information seems a little redundant but don't know how else to explain such a simple thing.
2014-05-28 06:34:17 -07:00
Duncan Gatrell
quick fill bike tube unit??
Not much research on this either. It goes along with my other submission. We make a canister that either has a PSI regulator on it or a predetermined amount of air in it, (or an on off valve and let them determine tube fill level) that will connect to a bike tube. After you have connected it, you open a valve and the compressed air quickly fills the tube, rather than using a hand pump. In many cases this could be as small or smaller than a hand pump many people are using. You could make this refillable so we are basically just selling a small canister that allows avid bikers a quick fill when broken down on the side of the road and they can refill it before every ride. It could also have an integrated hand pump to refill by hand?
Slowly filling a bike tube when broken down on the side of the road. Biking has become huge and many people are spending thousands on bikes and accessories, This could be a useful tool for them.
It is described in the 1st section.
2014-05-28 06:22:31 -07:00
Duncan Gatrell
PSI Regulator
I have not researched this much, I just thought of it this morning. It is basically a unit that you can attach to a bike or car tire that allows you to preset the desired PSI. When the preset PSI is reached the unit shuts off the air flow preventing over filling of tire or even a blown tube on a bike.
Auto & Truck
Over filling of vehicle tires or bike tires or anything needing a certain PSI.
We design a unit with the required fitting and air regulator that is a manageable size.
2014-05-25 06:51:44 -07:00
Clear connect
How many times have you left the table at a resturant and forgot your phone. My product is a clear patch that is placed on your cell phone or electronic that alerts you to a small pager that fits in your pocket or purse that you have walked away and left your item behind. Beeps if you are more than five feet away. Once you get home its to late. Cell phone replacement business is huge this will help people from loosing there phone or Ipad or computer
See above
Need help desiging the product
2014-05-24 11:21:41 -07:00
Chad Beals
Chad Beals
I've come up with the idea of creating character/action figures charging docs for smart phones
Creates a fun way to charge your iPhone, etc
I paid to have a few designs drawn. I have other examples that I can send upon request