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IndaLoop-"Keep in It!"

Very Common Problem: Your 3-10yr old doesn't call or come home from a nearby friend's on time.

Solution: "IndaLoop" (bracelet/anklet that lights up/beeps when it's time to call or go home.

Key Features:

Target Market: Parents of children that are pre-cell phone users (typically 3-10 yrs old)

Inexpensive for consumer: MSRP $49.99!!!  Hi-tech products cost between $120-200 and require Data plans.  Works using free radio frequencies so NO MONTHLY DATA COST.

Uses: Home neighborhood, park, theme park, mall, etc.

Fun: colorful, lights up & plays beep sound when you need to call or come home.

Guaranteed: 90-day money back


This is for the budget-conscious consumer (MSRP $49.99) that needs an effective way of getting there pre-cell phone using child to call or come home.

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