Your idea doesn’t have to be the next big thing since sliced bread, but it does need to have enough support from the community. Before an idea is picked it will flow through a team of inventors and consumers to evaluate if the product would be likely to sell or not. If your idea is rejected, don’t let it shatter your dream! Some of the best ideas had to be rejected, reviewed, and re-submitted before they became a success. Open and honest feedback is a valuable asset we offer at InventWithUs.

Board Room Review - Our team of inventors will regularly review popular ideas and contact you via email if your idea moves forward. During this process, it will be sent to a group of industry experts who will discuss the potential of the idea along with possible difficulties in getting them to market. From these reviews the idea can either be rejected or move to a process of evaluation. If the idea is rejected we will send you the feedback we received from the experts which we hope gives you valuable knowledge to fuel your creative drive. If an idea is chosen for Evaluation we will also provide you feedback via email about the process.