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This deck is a great cruiser. It feels very solid and smooth. You can purchase just the deck, or the complete package. The package comes with the deck, chrome hanger trucks, clear wheels, ABEC 7 bearings, chrome hardware and white risers.  

You will be bombarded with people asking you about your new skateboard.

This deck is modeled after the classic Pintail style long boards, but is completely clear, you can see right through it. I t almost like you are riding on glass, or nothing at all. It is constructed from hi-strength low  weight resin and measures approximately. 33”x 9”x ½” thick.

It is a very comfortable stable and sturdy deck,  with a flex of its own. The ride is very smooth. You will have people asking you about it nonstop. These are a one of a kind. We are the only ones that make these boards.

This deck was designed after the classic decks from the 80’s. The larger tail gives you a little more stability than the Pintail. It is constructed from the same from hi-strength low weight resin and also measures approximate. 33”x 9”x ½” thick. This is perfect for cruising around town. With all of our decks you get a smooth comfortable ride. These decks have a feeling of their own, you won’t find with a traditional wood deck. Truly one of a kind.

The package comes with: The Classic Deck, Chrome Trucks, 70 x 51 mm 83A Clear Wheels, and ABEC 7 Bearings. Grip Tape is NOT included. We recommend Clear Grip Tape. (Many people cut there own designs out and don't cover the entire board.)

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Manufactured in the USA