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If you ever had to carry a car seat with a child in it, you would probably agree that it can be quite an awkward carry. What if I told you that I had a quick solution to the problem and that this would allow you and your wife to carry your child without all the strain?

I introduce to you Baby Go! This will allow you to attach it to the handle of the carrier and let your arm rest in a more comfortable position. Every year their is about 134 million births world wide and there are a lot of parents out there with the same frustrations of the awkward carry.

With the cost of fabrication of this product to be very minimal and with the high mark up ability in the baby industry, the reward that will come from a product like this will be great!


Baby Go will allow you to quickly clip, bolt or attach it to the handle of the car seat. This will allow parents to carry the car seat in a more comfortable position without feeling like you are doing a curl workout everywhere you go.

Slip through strap help to take the weight off the hand grip.

There is also the option to create a bar that connects to the handle and reaches closer to the parent so that their arm is closer to their body. This would allow the weight to be better handled since it's closer to core of body.

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